Welcome to Raising Millions

The Financial Literacy Course for Founders

About Raising Millions

Founded by Laura Kiernan, a 30-year industry veteran of Wall Street.

Raising Millions helps early-stage founders, business owners and entrepreneurs learn the fundamentals of capital markets and finance while teaching them how to present their story to investors so that they can successfully fund their business.

Why Should You Join Us?

We will teach you the skills necessary to understand and control your financials, and the steps needed to obtain funding to grow your business. These include: 

  • Understanding your financial statements, and basic finance and accounting - the “language of investors”
  • Developing and presenting a highly effective pitch deck
  • Creating a targeted investor list
  • Handling investor Q&A 
  • Valuing your company 
  • Structuring your fundraising deal including equity crowdfunding, and various equity and debt instruments
  • Outreach strategies to banks, retail investors, and more traditional VC, Angel and Seed investors 
  • How to market your company to investors and bankers with ease

Let's Get Started

Access our powerful resources to: 

  • Understand and take charge of your business finances
  • Build, accelerate and facilitate your company’s fundraising campaign

Having enough cash to fund your business is key to success and we’re happy to share our experience, tools and resources to enable you to do that. Whether you plan to run a small business with $100,000 in revenue or build the next unicorn ($1B business), Raising Millions is the essential course and community for any entrepreneur seeking to navigate small business finance and adequately fund their business with ease.

The number one pain point we have seen founders face is mastering financial literacy (the language of investors) and how best to access capital. Our goal is to provide founders with proven, successful tools to manage their cash flow, achieve fair valuation, raise growth capital to expand their business and be strategic about finance so that they can focus on building their company.